End user:  Woodlands Township

Market: Corporate / Government

Location: The Woodlands, Texas

AV System Integrator: MCA Communications

Solution: PRV55SNG01UR + PRVRRML

The Woodlands Township located in Woodlands, Texas, recently renovated their Emergency Operations Center located at the Central Fire Station. The room is used for Emergencies, Trainings, and for Video Conference Meetings with other Township, County and State Agencies.

With the aid of system integrators MCA Communications, Primeview deployed a 2x4 array of 55” 3.5mm gap LED LCD video walls.

The Video Wall is designed for Full View (2x4); Split View ((2)2x2’s); Multiview (4-Indiviual & 1-2x2 center) and all Individually.  Sources include (5) Cable Boxes, (3) Connection Points (HDMI & VGA), (1) Mersive Solstice Pod, and (1) Polycom Group 500 using IP Video Switching by Just-Add-Power and a Control System by Extron Electronics.

This created a more visible solution that would look impressive, be feasibly manageable and give meetings much more flexibility than their improvised solution in terms of what and how to display.
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