New furniture geometry addresses an evolution in the way corporations hold meetings, seamlessly integrating onsite and remote participants for 16:9, 21:9 and 32:9 aspect ratio layouts.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 08, 2023 — Primeview Global a trailblazer in advanced video wall display and content creation solutions, will introduce with Omnirax, a leading manufacturer of premium ergonomic desks and workstations for broad range of commercial applications, the second generation of their Hybrid Conference Table solutions at the InfoComm tradeshow on June 14-16 in Orlando, FL.  

Primeview initially commissioned Omnirax to develop next generation solutions for their Experience Center in South Florida in 2021. The Hybrid Conference Tables from Omnirax have been carefully designed to achieve meeting equity for all participants, both onsite and remote, by creating a synergy between four key components: Microsoft Front Row meeting software, large format LED displays or monitor walls, AI-driven camera technology, and the conference table.  Omnirax Hybrid Conference Tables integrate these technologies utilizing an aesthetic that is both modern and functional, while creating a seating ergonomic suited to the purpose and to the space.

“At its core Hybrid Conference is alarmingly easy; cut a standard conference table down the middle, curve it and face the monitor wall.  In practice, there are numerous things to consider – sight and sound lines both within the room and with the remote people on the monitor wall, bringing technology to the conference table, camera capabilities and of course conveying an aesthetic which is both modern, functional, and ergonomic. On top of that design a product which will fit in both existing and new rooms and adapt to a variety of shapes and sizes. Omnirax furniture is the “Swiss Army Knife” of meeting room furniture,” says David Holland, Chief Design Officer at Omnirax.

Bringing Technology to the Conference Table
The Hybrid Conference Table lineup includes a desk engineered to pair with a 105-inch monitor from Primeview as well as larger video walls, addressing a broad range of potential applications.  Each table features three primary components: the countertops (made from high-pressure laminate or Corian), the “Technology Cylinder,” and the structural metalwork. Regardless of size or configuration, each Hybrid Conference Table has been engineered to create enhanced sight and sound lines for both onsite and remote participants. Customized versions of the table designs, including such options as laser-cut or silk-screened logos, are available at extra cost. 

“Our two-year collaboration with Omnirax has yielded this second-generation design, allowing Primeview clients with Microsoft TeamsRooms applications to marry purpose-built furniture with a 21:9 solution from a company that has a proven track record in the display market,” said Chanan Averbuch, EVP at Primeview.  “As a manufacturer, we never want to pigeon-hole our clients on a specific digital media switcher, camera, or transmission solutions.  We are proud to say we are agnostic on the peripherals and work with the best of the AV industry.  The new Omnirax Adjustable Hybrid Conference table is flexible enough to fit most new or existing spaces and will seamlessly integrate with equipment of all kinds from the manufacturer of your choice.”

Please visit Omnirax and see the Hybrid Conference Tables at the 2023 InfoComm Orlando within the Primeview USA exhibit – Booth 451

About Omnirax Furniture Company
Founded in 1974, California-based Omnirax invented the concept of collaborative ergonomics in desks and workstations.  Made in the USA from premium materials, an Omnirax workplace solution wraps around you, creating more functional space within arm’s reach while promoting collaborative behavior.  Omnirax designs utilize beautiful organic shapes, creating an intuitive flow that enhances productivity.  Today, Omnirax offers best-in-class technical furniture including broadcast consoles, workstations for music and video production, process control facilities, utilities, public safety, government, transportation, dispatch, IT, and more.  Both standard and custom solutions are available.  For more information, please visit us at:

About Primeview Global
For over 30 years, Primeview has brought extraordinary technology to life. From the first control room monitors we built in the early 90s to our nearly seamless LCD monitor arrays that revolutionized the broadcast industry, we have led the way and while doing so, have helped our partners create engaging, immersive experiences. From enterprise to hospitality, from mission-critical command centers to classrooms, and sports venues to houses of worship, our partners rely on the technology we offer to captivate audiences. In 2018, Primeview became a trendsetter in the direct-view LED industry by launching the world’s first all-in-one 16:9 FHD solution- FusionMAX. Through collaborative communication with our partners and evaluation of the environment, we have since expanded the FusionMAX lineup to include 32:9 aspect ratio, UHD, mobile, and outdoor solutions. Headquartered in the R&D capital of Israel, we strive to deliver quality, custom and durable products to customers globally. With Primeview’s expansion in the U.S., our nationwide showrooms and experience centers now demonstrate our ability to deploy one-of-a-kind designs for LED spectaculars. Working directly with developers, architects, designers, engineers, and consultants, Primeview also offers content creation services to provide a transformational turn-key LED experience. Leveraging our U.S. service and repair centers, we now offer industry leading warranty programs, support and service that give you peace of mind with Primeview. To learn more visit: