Primeview to showcase how they are transforming the visual experience at this year’s InfoComm.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, May 02, 2023 — Primeview Global a leader in advanced video wall display and content creation solutions, announced plans to showcase their lineup of displays and services, designed to revolutionize the video conferencing environment, content creation and delivery, and enhance the visual experience at InfoComm 2023 in Orlando, Florida.

“At InfoComm 2023, we are presenting our state-of-the-art display solutions designed to transform workplace experiences. We are excited to demonstrate the use case for 5K resolution digital art and will be partnering with a variety of artists and curators to do that. In addition, we can’t wait for our visitors to see how they can leverage our content creation services to drive engagement with their brand by engaging the senses.”

From fine pixel pitch indoor LED solutions to outdoor LED solutions that offer the highest refresh rate on the market and Ultra Wide displays for hybrid meetings to ceiling LED tiles that can mimic a skylight or window, Primeview will showcase their most advanced set of display solutions for visitors in corporate, retail, broadcast, control room, digital art applications and beyond.

Primeview will showcase the following products and services at this year’s InfoComm:

Fine Pixel Pitch Indoor Display Solutions
Custom 1.2mm Fusion Indoor LED entrance way setup with special GOB (chip on board) treatment to showcase ruggedized public display safety and content creation capabilities. The comprehensive setup will demonstrate how visitors can utilize their creativity to create brilliant high-impact branding walls and one-of-a-kind digital art from 2K/4K/8K resolution.

Outdoor LED Wall Solutions
Outdoor applications demand high-brightness DVLED and robust IP ratings. To simplify video wall deployments, Primeview has a variety of size and pixel pitch solutions for all-in-one LED walls. Primeview will showcase the flexibility these displays offer, from swapping out messages to creating branding walls or adding one of a kind digital art, this is a must see product!

Acoustic Ceiling LED Tiles
LED ceiling tiles will help Primeview showcase how visitors can create immersive one-of-a-kind experiences on-budget while dynamically improving brightness in a room or hallway. These ceiling tiles have the ability to mimic a skylight or window great for enclosed spaces. In addition, they will also showcase how custom art or other content can be shown with the right configuration.

UHD Displays
First developed for broadcast studios, Primeview will showcase their 86” interactive UHD display . These displays are used by some of the largest media companies who demand high quality performance on-air.

FusionMAX 4K | 165″
Primeview will showcase their newest generation of video walls, the FUSIONMAX™ 4K. Visitors can see the 165” display perfect for broadcast studios, retail stores, and corporate settings.

Ultra-wide 21:9 Displays + Content Creation Services & Management
Primeview’s 5K interactive 105” 21:9 Aspect Ratio LCD display with the ultimate hybrid meeting table will be displayed. In addition, Primeview will also demonstrate the use case for 5K resolution digital art by partnering with a variety of artists and curators. While doing so, they will show visitors how to leverage their content creation services to drive engagement with their brand by engaging the senses.

New: 110” 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Primeview will also show their commercial grade 110” LCD’s developed for both Meeting Rooms and Digital Signage purposes. See real world examples from control rooms to sports bars and a variety of digital signage applications.

See how we are transforming the visual experience at Infocomm 2023 in Orlando, Florida, Booth #451 from June 14th to 16th.

About Primeview Global
Our Vision – Advanced Solutions You Can Count on!

For more than 30 years, Primeview has brought extraordinary technology to life. From the first control room monitors we built in the early 90s to our nearly seamless LCD monitor arrays that revolutionized the broadcast industry, we have led the way and while doing so, have helped our partners create engaging, immersive experiences.

From enterprise to hospitality, from mission-critical command centers to classrooms, and sports venues to houses of worship, our partners rely on the technology we offer to captivate audiences.

In 2018, Primeview became a trendsetter in the direct-view LED industry by launching the world’s first all-in-one 16:9 FHD solution- FusionMAX. Through collaborative communication with our partners and evaluation of the environment, we have since expanded the FusionMAX lineup to include 32:9 aspect ratio, UHD, mobile, and outdoor solutions.

Headquartered in the R&D capital of Israel, we strive to deliver quality, custom and durable products to customers globally.

With Primeview’s expansion in the U.S., our nationwide showrooms and experience centers now demonstrate our ability to deploy one-of-a-kind designs for LED spectaculars. Working directly with developers, architects, designers, engineers and consultants, Primeview also offers content creation services to provide a transformational turn-key LED experience.

Leveraging our U.S. service and repair centers, we now offer industry leading warranty programs, support and service that give you peace of mind in your choice to choose Primeview. To learn more visit: