NEW YORK, USA, May 26, 2022 — Primeview Global, a leading developer of enterprise display technology, and Omnirax Furniture Company, which engineers workplace solutions for broadcast, executive, and office environments, announced a new line of conferencing hardware that fully integrates video and in-person experiences.

The state-of-the-art solution combines Primeview’s industry-leading 21:9 and 32:9 widescreen FusionMAX™ LED and LCD displays with Omnirax’s new rounded tables and is an essential component in the enhanced Microsoft Teams Rooms Front Row experience for next-generation video conferencing.

“This is the missing piece in the video conference experience for our 21:9 Teams solutions: putting the physical space and the virtual space on an equal level,” said Shay Giuili, CEO and Founder of Primeview Global. “It’s the sort of experience that most of us have only ever seen in science fiction movies.”

The unique crescent-moon design of the Omnirax Hybrid Round Table™ places all meeting attendees opposite a camera-equipped Primeview display of up to 288″ diagonal, meaning both in-person and remote participants are life sized and at eye level. By combining identical setups in two different locations, organizations can allow the groups to meet digitally using Microsoft Teams.

The all-new Hybrid Round Table has been redesigned to include six dedicated chairs and a built-in tablet to control the display during meetings. The table’s curved design is in keeping with the Omnirax philosophy of offering attractive, ergonomic, and functional furniture. “Omnirax’s designs are all about the curves, smoothing out the hard edges of traditional rectangular furniture,” said Philip Zittell, CEO of Omnirax Furniture Company. “That makes us uniquely qualified to meet the spatial needs of this powerful new 21:9 setup.”

Like Primeview’s easy-to-install displays, the 21:9 version of the Hybrid Round Table also ships ready to assemble and commission on site, with unobtrusive wire management and dedicated space for housing and charging peripherals. “We made sure to include all the necessary hardware, tools, and easy-to-follow assembly instructions for a precision fit and a stunning panoramic visual,” said David Holland, Omnirax’s Chief Design Officer.

Interested buyers can request a demonstration of the new solution at the InfoComm Show in Las Vegas (June 4-10, 2022) by completing Primeview’s online form.

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