NEW YORK, US, April 12, 2022 — Primeview Global, a leading developer of enterprise display technology, announced two new lines of 21:9 aspect-ratio solutions that will help revolutionize the modern conference room. The new series are fully compatible with the latest advances in videoconference technology.

The new FusionMAX™ 21:9 Pro LED and 21:9 LCD series displays feature an ultra-wide, 105″ diagonal view and are a key component in the enhanced Microsoft Teams Rooms Front Row experience for next-generation videoconferencing. Combining the displays with the proper seating and camera placement results in an experience that places both in-room and remote meeting participants face to face, life sized, and at eye level.

“This is as close as you can get to being in the same room with a colleague who’s sitting halfway around the world,” said Shay Giuili, CEO and Founder of Primeview Global. “Team members in different offices can interact just as they would in person.”

The company is launching the new initiative with two display series: The FusionMAX 21:9 Pro LED models are the newest entries in the award-winning flagship line of all-in-one LED video wall bundles. They feature the same easily deployable panels that have been the line’s trademark since its debut in 2018, and are available in 1.2mm and 1.5mm pixel pitch LED for up-close viewing in office settings.

The new 21:9 LCD display, meanwhile, offers a cost-effective way to upgrade executive videoconferences by placing online participants on a 105″ display at the same height, size, and level as their in-person counterparts, just as they would appear at in-person meetings around a conference table.

The new displays arrive as industry experts are seeking creative ways to amplify hybrid workspaces, engage distributed workforces, and drive innovation.

“Adapting with the speed of technology, 21:9 LCD and FusionMAX 21:9 cover a range of popular applications for enterprise and education using Teams,” said Yossef Jackson, CTO of Primeview Global. “With intelligent engineering, we can now capture the in-person or remote user in ways never imagined. These displays bring application versatility to suit a wide variety of needs.”

For more information about 21:9 LCD or FusionMAX 21:9 Pro Series, visit the company’s website,, their showrooms in New York and California, or their experience center in South Florida.

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