NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US, January 4, 2022 — Primeview Global, a leading supplier of premium large-format LCD and LED digital displays, has launched a new repair service for customers in the United States that eliminates the need to ship panels overseas for repairs. The new solution is available immediately and allows Primeview customers to avoid ongoing challenges in the volatile international supply chain.

Primeview’s popular series of high-end video displays, including its massive LCD display walls and Fusion Direct LED displays, are a common sight behind television newscasters, in corporate offices, and in government and military headquarters.

“Our customers rely on Primeview’s displays for everything from boardroom conversations to public-facing messages, so uptime is crucial,” said Shay Giuili, CEO and Founder of Primeview Global.

Previously, Primeview’s customers in the United States had to ship damaged tiles to its factories in Asia for repairs, a lengthy process made even more challenging by the shipping delays brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to the new U.S.-based facility, Primeview now can fix its equipment quickly and without the downtime and added expense of international freight. In certain instances, Primeview can even dispatch its own dedicated team of certified technicians to undertake onsite repairs.

This new range of services is available to Primeview customers immediately. Existing customers can inquire with their account representatives for more information and to schedule repairs.

Since its founding in 1997, Primeview Global’s eye-popping, dynamic walls of light have built the company into one of the world’s largest suppliers of digital displays to business, government, and nonprofit enterprise customers. Its complete turnkey solutions include custom design, manufacturing, installation, and service for corporate, education, health care, broadcast, retail, security, sporting, and entertainment venues.

“Now we can offer the same fast, high-end service that’s commensurate with the quality of our displays,” said Giuili. “It’s a natural extension of our white-glove, solutions-based approach.”

About Primeview Global
Founded in 1997, Primeview Global manufactures and delivers advanced display solutions, with a focus on premium LCD and LED displays for the world’s most demanding enterprise customers. Primeview Global maintains a complete supply chain, from ISO-certified production lines to installation and service, allowing it to ensure the highest quality-control standards in digital signage, video conferencing systems, high-brightness displays, touchscreens, kiosks, and weatherproof monitors. Primeview Global’s displays can be found in newsrooms, boardrooms, retail stores, hotels, casinos, museums, and public spaces around the world. Its marquee clients include ESPN, Fox, NBC, the Weather Channel, Microsoft, Citigroup, NASA, and Disney Theme Parks. Primeview Global is a privately held firm based in New York City. Learn more online at: