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Muckleshoot Casino lobby WOW factor – Phase # 1

End User: Muckleshoot Casino
Location: Seattle, WA
Vertical: Gaming Hospitality + Digital Signage
Manufacture Partner: TVone
Architect: Marnell
A/V System Integrator: Alpha Video
Solution: Custom 1.9mm Fusion LED and Oval Ceiling Porte Cochere Outdoor FLX LED Video Walls

NYC Flagship Hotel uses LED to re-imagine the guest experience

End User: 42Hotel NYC
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Vertical: Gaming Hospitality + Digital Signage
Interiors: Lemay + Escobar
A/V System Integrator: Icon Media
Solution: Custom UHD 1.9mm Fusion LED

E11EVEN Residences and Hotel utilize LED technology for Urban Sales Center

End User: PMG
Location: Miami, FL
Vertical: Real Estate + Digital Signage
Manufacture Partner: Yupix / ARX
Architect: Sieger Suarez
Interior Designer: Avroko Hospitality
A/V System Integrator: Acoustic Architects
Solution: Custom Exterior Outdoor LED Porthole and Interior Immersive Curved Wall

Carteret Community College moves forward with $100m facilities improvement

End user: Carteret Community College
Market: Education / Digital Signage
Location: Morehead, NC
AV Partner: AVI-SPL
Solution: Custom 6mm back-to-back Outdoor LED

Upgrades to the university’s’ welcome area, features an impressive back-to-back Primeview outdoor rated LED Video Walls. The digital signage project features a range of improvements and new additions. The updates serve to transform the community college branding while engaging students and donors in new and exciting ways. Crucially, the project gives the college a fresh look to appeal to prospective donors. Design and branding play a key role throughout the revamped environment and include leading outdoor LED video wall technology from Primeview.

Georgia State University’s Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII) takes filmmaking to next level with Primeview 330” FusionMAX 4K

End user: Georgia State University
Market: Education / Broadcast
Location: Atlanta, GA
AV Partner: One Path / Multiband
Manufacturer Partner: Epic Unreal Engine
Solution: FusionMAX 4K / 330”UHD Solution

The Creative and Media Arts Building at Georgia State University completed renovations on its new immersive studio, a multi million project that will change the way research is done on campus. A project over 10 years in the making, the facility houses a variety of visual technology from VR, AR, MR to LED. Every detail of this downtown GA facility—from collaborative meeting spaces to labs with open floor plans—is dedicated to encouraging interdisciplinary education and research. The 330” 4K FusionMAX LED video walls is made up of 1.9mm Fusion LED.

Varian Medical Systems

Market: Corporate / Enterprise
Location: Palo Alto CA
Integrator: SKC Communications
Solution: 220″ 4k Turn-Key Direct View LED Wall Solution using 1.2mm 2-1 miniLED to replace old projector in an existing auditorium (PRVLEDFSNM2204K)

University of Illinois’s $79.2 million Football Center

Market: Education + Arenas Large avenue + Sports
Location: Champaign, Maryland
End User: U of Illinois
AV Design: Henderson Engineering
AV Integrator: CV Lloyd
Solution: Multiple Custom LED Walls from 1.2-2.5mm pixel pitch

CRA Executive Conference Center Displays

End User: CRA International
Location: Boston, MA
Market: Corporate + Finance
A/V System Integrator: Verrex
Solution: Dual 138″ wall mounted FusionMAX

SAS Lobby Welcome Wall

End user: SAS Software
Market: Corporate
Location: Cary, NC
Audio Visual Partner: SKC Communications
Solution: Custom 1.2mm mini Fusion direct-view LED solution

SAS, the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market, provides business analytics, data management and IT management software and services to the financial services, government, retail, energy, life sciences, manufacturing and numerous other industries.

To replacing the aging projection technology deployed in 2012, SKC engaged Primeview to keep this state-of-the-art building fresh.

For phase one, the showcase display was updated by SKC with 1.2mm miniLED solution which serves as the 40 foot long welcome wall which becomes the backdrop of the registration area.

Chevron upgrades former Enron Boardroom with 32:9 LED Video Wall

End user: Chevron
Market: Corporate
Location: Houston, TX
AV System Integrator: MCA
Solution: FusionMAX 32:9 Video Wall of 1.5mm LED (PRVLEDFSN15M32:9PRO)

L3 Town Hall LED Display

End user: L3 Harris
Market: Corporate + Digial Signage
Location: Dallas, TX
AV System Integrator: AVISPL
Solution: 165″ wall mounted FusionMAX

Northwestern University

End user: Northwestern University
Market: Education
Location: Evanston, Illinois
AV Consultant: Henderson Engineers
AV System Integrator: SKC Communications
Solution: Primeview 2.5mm Classic LED Tiles (PRVLEDART25) + PRVLEDCONTROL6

Northwestern University, located in Evanston, Illinois are a founding member and the only private university of the Big Ten Conference.

Having several athletes and a large following, the newly minted Walters Athletics Center recently added a central feature. A 3-story-wide 2.5mm Primeview LED Wall was installed PRVLEDART25), creating an exciting attraction and modern environment for athletes, employees, and visitors. The LED Wall was built in configuration with a Primeview LED Control System (PRVLEDCONTROL6).

The content consists of a range of different types of academic presentations.

AV Consultant and MEP Henderson Engineers and System Integrator SKC Communications designed and assisted the installation process, updating both the design and technology to a higher standard.

NEW Kiewit HQ innovation Center

End user: Kiewit Construction
Market: Corporate
Location: Lenexa, KS
Audio Visual Partner: SKC Communications
Solution: 220” FusionMAX and multiple 138” FusionMAX Video Wall Systems

Kiewit Corporation engaged SKC Communications at the end of 2018 to assist with the design and build of two buildings they were gutting as well as a new third building being built from the ground up. SKC Communications provided all the AV services of the new building. The building consists of specialty rooms such as Pitch Room, Executive Boardroom, Auditorium, Atrium, and Training Rooms. There are also cookie-cutter integrated conference rooms of multiple sizes (Large, Medium, Small, and Huddle) throughout the buildings. The Auditorium and Atrium each feature a 220” PrimeView LED wall. The Pitch Room and Executive Boardroom each feature a 138” PrimeView LED wall. This design and installation set the tone for Kiewit room standards and functionality requirements across the enterprise.

866 UN Plaza Office Building

End user: The Carlyle Group
Market: Corporate
Location: NY, NY
Audio Visual Partner: Andrew Southern
Solution: Custom 32:9 Aspect Ratio 1.9mm direct-view LED solution

Prominently situated at the epicenter of international commerce, 866 United Nations Plaza offers a unique opportunity for businesses, governments and other organizations to secure a permanent place in one of New York’s most prestigious locations.

866 UNP is a fully re-imagined building, featuring a newly renovated entryway and travertine lobby curated with digital art galleries on a Primeview LED video wall, creating a first impression worthy of international acclaim.

5 Manhattan West – Retail Experience Center

End user: Brookfield Properties
Market: Corporate + Retail + Digital Signage
Location: NY, NY
Audio Visual Partners: Cosentini + AVISPL
Architect: David Brody Associates, REX and Adamson Associates Architects
Solution: Custom 0.9mm Fusion miniLED and 1.5mm Fusion LED video walls

5 Manhattan West is a 15-story office tower located at Manhattan West unlike any in Manhattan, with floorplates over 110,000 Sq Ft and soaring ceiling heights. Redevelopment is making this Manhattan’s most modern building. Includes 80,000 Sq Ft of New On-site Retail, Dining and Lifestyle Amenities where the Primeview direct-view LED video walls where integrated by AVISPL.

EY Wave Space – NJ

End user: Ernst & Young
Market: Corporate
Location: Hoboken, NJ
Audio Visual Partner: AV Tech Media
Architect: Gensler
Solution: Custom rotating 1.6mm LED solution with Primeview C2S video wall processor

Ernst & Young has officially opened a new office and learning center in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The build-out of the space will incorporate the “EY@Work” model, which aligns people, technology and real estate initiatives to support modern work styles. It features more than 100 collaboration rooms and nearly 130 flexible work areas, as part of its efforts to promote teamwork.

The shops serve as “innovation centers” for fintech (blockchain) and transportation (on-demand taxi services and ride-sharing).

Georgia Tech Coda Building LED

End user: Georgia Tech University
Market: Education + Digital Signage
Location: Atlanta, GA
AV Consultant: Newcomb & Boyd
AV System Integrator: AVISPL
Solution: 165″ FusionMAX LED Pedestal System

Sun Trust Stadium, One Up Studio

Market: Broadcast / Arenas and Large Venues
Studio: Sun Trust Stadium, One Up Studio
Station: 680 The Fan 93.7 FM
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Studio Designer: Kline Consulting
Strategic Partner: Omnirax
Solution: 3 Units of PRV49SNGUR + PRV Rapid Rail Mounts

Market: Broadcast / Arenas and Large Venues
Studio: Sun Trust Stadium, One Up Studio
Station: 680 The Fan 93.7 FM
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Studio Designer: Kline Consulting
Strategic Partner: Omnirax
Solution: 3 Units of PRV49SNGUR + PRV Rapid Rail Mounts

Premium LED Screening Room, an amenity NYC Condo residences can’t live without

End User: Related Companies
Project Name: Lantern House
Location: NY, NY
Vertical: Real Estate
MEP Design: WSP
Architect: SLCE & Heatherwick Studio
Interior Designer: March & White Design
A/V System Integrator: CommNet
Screening Room Solution: Custom 1.2mm FSN LED

Inside LSU’s $28 Million Football Building

Market: Education + Arenas Large avenue + Sports
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
End User: LSU Football Operations Center
AV Integrator: Alpha Video
AV Design: Anthony James Partners
Solution: FusionMAX 220″ LED Video Wall Solution

Columbus ABC leverages video walls for ultimate flexibility

End user: Sinclair TV Broadcasting
Market: Broadcast Media
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Design Partner: Devlin Design Group
Solution: Custom on-camera direct view LED walls and LCD thin bezel arrays

So just what does the full new set look like? @staciawsyx6 takes you on a tour of our new home!
— WSYX ABC 6 (@wsyx6) December 11, 2017

WSYX, Sinclair’s ABC affiliate in the Columbus, Ohio, market has a new home outfitted with plenty of video walls and panels that give the station a wide variety of shooting option.

At the center of the curve is the set’s main background — a seamless LED video wall installed atop of a stacked stone base flanked by two additional LED panels that are used to project subtle animated backgrounds behind talent.

One either side of these panels, the two frame elements wrap around walls made of smaller LED video panels, with the one of the left being wider, 7×2, allowing it to be used as an alternative anchor background with distinct zones for left, center and right graphics, while the other is 4×2. AV for the project was provided and integrated by Primeview.

The set also includes a movable anchor desk fronted with additional video panels that can be moved out of the way to allow the station to frame the video walls in wide standup-style shots uses for news and weather as well as tighter standup, weather or toss shots.

The flexibility of the studio’s design gives the station a variety of options for each type of segment. For example, weather can be presented against one of the side video walls in a tighter two shot or using the studio main seamless video wall.

On the far left of the studio, three pivoting, vertically mounted panels provide an additional storytelling venue, with the option to shoot the area in a variety of configurations.

WSYX’s new set also features a weather center with a single monitor mounted to the front of the desk and multipurpose lifestyle set with three additional video panels — one landscape and two portrait.

Sinclair’s Fox 45 in Baltimore debuts new home

End user: Sinclair TV Broadcasting
Market: Broadcast Media
Location: Baltimore, MD
Design Partner: Devlin Design Group
Solution: Custom on-camera direct view LED walls and LCD thin bezel arrays

Sinclair’s flagship station, WBFF Fox 45 in Baltimore, debuted a complete studio makeover courtesy of Devlin Design Group and Primeview, part of a larger infrastructure upgrade.

The design, which includes the latest technology, aims to also embrace the heritage of the community while increasing production values on-air.

“Sinclair Broadcast Group has been at the forefront of industry-changing events and technological advances. For our ‘home office’ we had to have a high-tech information hub for WBFF’s dynamic news operation. Team DDG delivered a design that energizes the entire staff and serves the community. The historic touches throughout the set honor the heritage of Baltimore and our founder,” said Mark Nadeau, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Director of TV Production.

The main anchor area boasts three LED arrays with a large storytelling wall positioned on the right, created from fourteen monitors configured in a 7×2 array The set’s weather area includes a 4×2 vertical video wall along with a moveable weather pod.

The lifestyle set has three, 75” monitors which allow for easy branding and topical graphic insertion. All of the set’s technology was provided by Primeview.

Emerald Coast Fellowship

End user: Emerald Coast Fellowship
Market: House of Worship
Location: Lynn Heaven, Florida
AV System Integrator: Paragon360
Solution: PRVLEDART30 + PRVLEDCONTROL6 + PVAC Collage Processor + PVC Mounts + Primeview On Site Professional Services

Renovation and new construction are both part of a sanctuary revitalization at Emerald Coast Fellowship in Lynn Heaven, Florida.

Paragon 360 designed the entirety of the audio video aspects throughout the church, as well as custom signature scenic, staging, and architectural elements.

The church has taken out a back wall of the sanctuary and doubled the seating capacity. To ensure a full viewing coverage within the church, Primeview installed their Classic Line of Premium Indoor LED (PRVLEDART30). Primeview’s classic LED Video Wall solutions are the most efficient system for professional HD video wall applications to produce a life-size image that is aesthetically pleasing and has a clear view from any angle. Additionally, the digital signage system has network-based content control and distribution.

Columbia College Auditorium

End user: Columbia College
Market: Education
Location: Columbia, MO
Audio Visual Partner: Sound Concepts Inc
Solution: Dual 165” FusionMAX direct-view LED Video Wall Solutions

Founded in 1851, Columbia College has been helping students advance their lives through higher education for more than 160 years. A private, nonprofit liberal arts and sciences college, Columbia College takes pride in small classes, experienced faculty and quality educational programs. Originally founded as Christian Female College, the college changed its name to Columbia College in 1970. That year, it transitioned from a two-year women’s college to a four-year coeducational college. CC has a traditional campus, more than 30 venues nationwide, an evening program in Columbia, Mo., and an online program. The college serves approximately 18,000 students annually. The college offers associate and bachelor’s degrees, as well as master’s degrees at the main campus, selected venues and online.

In the newly renovated auditorium, a dual 165” FusionMAX video wall setup from Primeview was designed and installed by Sound Concepts.

Primeview LED Video Walls Bring News to Life to Cowboy Channel (RFD) TV Studio

Market: Broadcast
Location: Fort Worth, TX
AV Consultant Designer: Jack Morton PDG
System Integrator: CTI (formally CTG)
Solution: Suspended Primeview custom 1.9mm LED

Adama Control Room

End user: Adama
Location: Ramat Hovav, Israel
Vertical: Control Room
Primeview Solution: PRV55SNGUR02 + C2S 8×8

“Matach” CET Center for Educational Technology

End user: “Matach” CET Center for Educational Technology
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Market: Broadcast
Primeview Solution: PRV49SNGUR02

Moked Matara

End user: Moked Matara
Location: Netivot, Israel
Market: Command and Control
Primeview Solution: PRV49SNGUR02 x 26 NS C2S-FHD-4×4-B X 12

EY Wave Space – Chelsea

End user: Ernst & Young
Market: Corporate
Location: NY, NY
Audio Visual Partner: AV Tech Media
Architect: Gensler
Solution: Custom 32:9 Aspect Ratio 1.2mm direct-view LED solution

Ernst & Young has officially opened a new office and learning center in Hoboken, New Jersey.

As many industries change at lighting speed, innovative firms are being challenged to keep pace and scale up. That has fueled the growth of facilities like the EY wavespace™ in Chelsea, where emerging tech industry leaders can get advice on everything from strategy to design thinking and prototyping.

The Chelsea wavespace innovation center offers us the opportunity to create experiential meetings led by cross-service-line EY professionals, who collaborate to resolve big issues, utilizing methodologies such as strategy definition, design thinking, prototyping and development.


Market: Broadcast
Studio: WLKY
Station Group: Hearst Television Group
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Studio Designer: Devlin Design Group (DDG)
Solution: 9 Primeview 55” Snello Video Wall (PRV55SNLURSDI) + Primeview Portrait Rapid Rail Mounts

WLKY, virtual channel 32, is a CBS-affiliated television station licensed to Louisville, Kentucky, United States. The station is owned by the Hearst Television subsidiary of Hearst Communications.

The new set design, which is positioned in front of the stations existing newsroom, includes a station for broadcasters to have a set background for presenting reports aside from their desk space. The backdrop consists of 9 Primeview 55” Snello Thin-Bezel Video Walls displaying top quality content for viewers.

CBS New York

Market: Broadcast
Studio: CBS New York
Station Group: CBS O.O
Location:New York, New York
Studio Designer: Broadcast Design International
Solution: Several Arrays of Primeview state-of-the-art direct LED video wall solutions (PRV49SNGUR) + Primeview Snello Monitors (PRV55SNLUR)

The wait is finally over- WCBS New York has officially debuted their new studio.

Watch the time-lapse

Woodlands Township

End user: Woodlands Township
Market: Corporate / Government
Location: The Woodlands, Texas
AV System Integrator: MCA Communications
Solution: PRV55SNG01UR + PRVRRML
End user: Woodlands Township
Market: Corporate / Government
Location: The Woodlands, Texas
AV System Integrator: MCA Communications
Solution: PRV55SNG01UR + PRVRRML

The Woodlands Township located in Woodlands, Texas, recently renovated their Emergency Operations Center located at the Central Fire Station. The room is used for Emergencies, Trainings, and for Video Conference Meetings with other Township, County and State Agencies.

With the aid of system integrators MCA Communications, Primeview deployed a 2×4 array of 55” 3.5mm gap LED LCD video walls.

The Video Wall is designed for Full View (2×4); Split View ((2)2×2’s); Multiview (4-Indiviual & 1-2×2 center) and all Individually. Sources include (5) Cable Boxes, (3) Connection Points (HDMI & VGA), (1) Mersive Solstice Pod, and (1) Polycom Group 500 using IP Video Switching by Just-Add-Power and a Control System by Extron Electronics.

This created a more visible solution that would look impressive, be feasibly manageable and give meetings much more flexibility than their improvised solution in terms of what and how to display.

First Baptist Church

End user: First Baptist Church
Market: House of Worship
Location: Naples, Florida
AV System Integrator: Paragon360
Solution: PRVLEDCUS40 + Primeview On Site Professional Services

First Baptist Church located in Naples, Florida recently underwent a technical upgrade to simplify the control of live events.

To provide full viewing coverage within all seating areas of the large church, three 3.9mm True Black Face LED walls (PRVLEDCUS40) were installed built with front access to allocate a unique, vivid visual experience for attendees.

Working with local system integrators Paragon360, Primeview installed full AV coverage throughout the proximity of the highly anticipated church.

“Together we installed phase two of a three phase sanctuary renovation at First Baptist Church in Naples, Florida. This phase featured three new Primeview 3.9mm True Black Indoor LED Displays. These cutting-edge LED displays offer the highest refresh rate technology on the market to provide crisper, clearer and brighter images.”

NY1 Spectrum News

Market: Broadcast
Studio: NY1
Station Group: Spectrum News
Location: New York, New York
Studio Designer: Jack Morton Worldwide
Studio Integrator: Diversified
Solution: PRV55SNG01URSDI + PRV654KPCT + PRV864KPCT + PRV654KLED + PRV754KLED + PRV864KLED + PRV Rapid Rail Mounts

Charter Communication’s NY1 recently debuted its brand-new, glistening studio for its new show “Mornings on 1”.

Broadcasting from the network’s headquarters above New York City’s Chelsea Market, Studio A works to capture an inviting and casual space on air with modern sensibilities.

Subtle references to the neighborhoods of New York and the nearby High Line are found interconnected throughout the design language, such as through the materials and faux plants on the set. This larger idea of “celebrating New York City” is found in all of NY1’s new studios with maps and graphics that showcase the five boroughs, all displayed on multiple different Primeview monitors.

Other areas include a casual interview area and a 1-on-1 discussion area that will also serve as a weather presentation point, where Primeview’s 65” and 75” 4K touch monitors (PRV654KPCT + PRV864KPCT) are used for interactivity with viewers.

Adapted from Newscast Studio

United Methodist Church

End user: United Methodist Church
Market: House of Worship
Location: Columbia, Missouri
AV System Integrator: Audio Acoustics
Solution: (8) 2 x 2 Arrays of PRV49SNGSDI

The Missouri United Methodist Church is a United Methodist church in downtown Columbia, Missouri on Ninth Street. The building was constructed between 1925 and 1930, and is an Indiana Bedford limestone Late Gothic Revival style church.

We recently helped the classic Missouri church embrace collaborative worship by installing two 2 x 2 arrays of Primeview’s 49” LCD LED video walls. Among other features, the displays give a fully spiritual ambiance throughout the large church, giving every member the full, modernized, holy experience.

WFOR Miami

Market: Broadcast
Studio: WFOR Miami
Station Group: CBS O&O
Location: Miami, Florida
Studio Designer: Broadcast Design International
Solution: PRV55SNG01-SDI + Primeview Rapid Rail Mounts

WFOR, the CBS O&O in Miami, has taken the wraps off its bright and airy new set.

The open and dynamic new set mirrors Primeview and BDI’s award winning design at KCBS, which won NewscastStudio’s 2016 local Set of the Year but with some added elements that are localized for the station.

The primary anchor area is wrapped in two 55” Primeview video walls (PRV55SNG01-SDI) , one directly behind the curved anchor desk and another at an angle camera left. The larger of the two spans 16 feet, while the smaller one comes in at about 12 feet wide.

The video arrays are positioned so they can be used as both as traditional cityscape backgrounds showcasing the Miami skyline while also serving as standup and topical backgrounds.

The design walls also can be shot both straight on and off-axis with both single and multiple talent, giving the station a variety of ways to utilize the video walls for storytelling.

WBBM Chicago

Market: Broadcast
Studio: WBBM Chicago
Station Group: CBS O.O
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Studio Designer: Broadcast Design International
Solution: 3×3, 4×3 and 1×2 arrays of 55” Video Walls PRV55SNG01UR + Primeview Smart Mounts

WBBM-TV, virtual channel 2, is a CBS owned-and-operated television station licensed to Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Because of always having a street-side set, the news station decided to finally create a traditional, comfortable and modern home of their own.

The new set features two large glistening video walls using the 55″ SNG Line from Primeview that are used as anchor backgrounds and OTS elements from the half circle anchor desk, as well as stand-ups that incorporate one or both arrays with a camera move- crucial to any broadcast studio.

An addition the venue features a row of three wall-mounted video panels.

The Boston Globe

End user: Boston Globe
Market: Corporate
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
AV System Integrator: Maverick Integration Corp.
Solution: 4×4 PRV49SNGUR, 3×3 PRV494KLED, 9 units of PRV55SNG01UR and Primeview Rapid Rail Mounts

The Boston Globe is the leading newspaper in New England, with news, sports, lifestyle features, and arts and entertainment news.

The company refreshed their headquarters in the states capital with a “News Hub” consisting of a 4×4 video wall array of 49” Eco Line Videowalls and nine 55” videowalls displayed around the workplace. Primeview also implemented a “Social Hub” of signage for employees and visitors consisting of a 3×3 videowall located in the headquarter lobby.

LA Public Library

Market: Digital Signage
Location: Los Angeles, California
System Integrator: IES Communications
AV Consultant: Vantage

The Los Angeles Public Library system serves the residents of the City of Los Angeles. With more than six million volumes, it serves the largest population of any publicly funded library system in the United States.

Primeview helped deploy a seamless LED wall (PRVLEDCUS39) controlled by Primeview’s Level 6 LED Control System (PRVLEDCONTROL6) and converted the libraries previous paper signage over to digital signage software. Now, they can easily gain an audience from a central location to keep their patrons updated on library events and news while displaying signage, updates and other graphics.


Market: Education
Location: New York, New York
AV Integrator: Diversified Systems
AV Design Consultant: Blademedia
Solution: PRV55SNG01 + PRV844KLED

CUNY TV, part of The City University of New York’s university system, refers to themselves as “Intelligent Television”, as they provide telecourse programming varying from mathematics and biology to history and art. It also shows many old and foreign films. CUNY TV can be seen on PBS in HD.

Shows such as “Science goes to the Movies”, are in a mini studio that is designed to depict a mini movie theater. Guests are brought in to discuss different scientific topics from films like Interstellar and The Theory of Everything. During the show the talent is seated on red velveted chairs arranged in rows with a visual aid backdrop of two 2×2 Primeview video walls and an 84″ large format 4K display that ties the show together.