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Hilton Orlando Opens LED Centric SportsBar

End User: Hilton Orlando
Location: Buena Vista, FL
GC: Wellbro Building
IT Systems: NU Age Systems
Electric Contractor: Brifut Electric
AV Designer: Osborn Engineering
AV System: The Integration Factory
AV Partner: Aurora Multimedia + BrightSign
Markets: Digital Signage + Hospitality + Sports + Real Estate
Solution: FusionMAX 32:9 all-in-one LED with Custom Digital Art Content

PMG taps into Miami Water Lifestyle at W11EVEN Tower

End User: PMG
Location: Miami, FL
Vertical: Real Estate + Digital Signage
Manufacture Partner: Yupix / ARX
Architect: Sieger Suarez
Interior Designer: Avroko Hospitality
A/V System Integrator: Acoustic Architects
Solution: Immersive splashing Water Experience on Outdoor LED Cube

The New Resch Expo utilizes DVLED to create the Ultimate Event Space by Lambeau Field

Location: Green Bay, WI
End user: Brown County Convention Center
AV System Integrator: Arrow AV
Audio Visual Partner: Henderson Engineering
Architect: Kahler-Slater Populous
GC: Miron Construction
EC: Faith Technologies
Media Partner: PMI Entertainment Group
Market: Real Estate + Large Venue + Real Estate + Digital Signage
Solution: Multiple FusionMAX all-in-one LED walls, custom 1.9mm FSN LED Walls, custom outdoor MESH LED walls and custom outdoor LED walls adjacent to Lambeau Field of the Green Bay Packers NFL team

Arrow AV Group Case Study

School Library Modernizes Girls School with DVLED

End user: Santa Catalina School
Market: Education
Location: Monterey, CA
AV System Integration: EKC
AV Consultant: Vantage Technology
Solution: FusionMax FHD 138’’ All-in-one DVLED Wall

Carnival’s New Cruise Terminal in Miami Embraces Digital Signage

End User: Carnival Cruises
Market: Digital Signage
Location: Miami, FL
AV partner: AVI-SPL
GC: Lemartec
Architect: Arquitectonica
Solution: Custom 2.5mm Fusion LED at Terminal F

Watching Live Sports at Union Station got Experiential

End user: The Pitch Athletic Club + Tavern
Market: Digital Signage + Retail + Sports
Location: STL, MO
Audio Visual Partner: TSI Global
Solution: 4x array of 110” LCD (PRV110KLEDR)

Turnkey LED solutions raise pedigree of C3 AI Platforms

End user: C3
Market: Corporate
Location: Redwood City, California HQ
Audio Visual Partner: Redwood Electric Group
Architect: Shen Milson Milson & Wilke LLC
Solution: Two PRVLEDFSN15M32:9PRO walls, One PRVLEDFSN12M32:9PRO wall, and Two custom PRVLEDFSN15 LED Walls.

Muckleshoot Casino lobby WOW factor – Phase # 1

End User: Muckleshoot Casino
Location: Seattle, WA
Vertical: Gaming Hospitality + Digital Signage
Manufacture Partner: TVone
Architect: Marnell
A/V System Integrator: Alpha Video
Solution: Custom 1.9mm Fusion LED and Oval Ceiling Porte Cochere Outdoor FLX LED Video Walls

NYC Flagship Hotel uses LED to re-imagine the guest experience

End User: 42Hotel NYC
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Vertical: Gaming Hospitality + Digital Signage
Interiors: Lemay + Escobar
A/V System Integrator: Icon Media
Solution: Custom UHD 1.9mm Fusion LED

E11EVEN Residences and Hotel utilize LED technology for Urban Sales Center

End User: PMG
Location: Miami, FL
Vertical: Real Estate + Digital Signage
Manufacture Partner: Yupix / ARX
Architect: Sieger Suarez
Interior Designer: Avroko Hospitality
A/V System Integrator: Acoustic Architects
Solution: Custom Exterior Outdoor LED Porthole and Interior Immersive Curved Wall

Florida Atlantic University Window Art

End user: FAU Broward College
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Market: Education + Digital Signage
AV System Integration: AVI-SPL
Solution: Custom 1.9mm HighBright LED

Carteret Community College moves forward with $100m facilities improvement

End user: Carteret Community College
Market: Education / Digital Signage
Location: Morehead, NC
AV Partner: AVI-SPL
Solution: Custom 6mm back-to-back Outdoor LED

Upgrades to the university’s’ welcome area, features an impressive back-to-back Primeview outdoor rated LED Video Walls. The digital signage project features a range of improvements and new additions. The updates serve to transform the community college branding while engaging students and donors in new and exciting ways. Crucially, the project gives the college a fresh look to appeal to prospective donors. Design and branding play a key role throughout the revamped environment and include leading outdoor LED video wall technology from Primeview.

Georgia State University’s Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII) takes filmmaking to next level with Primeview 330” FusionMAX 4K

End user: Georgia State University
Market: Education / Broadcast
Location: Atlanta, GA
AV Partner: One Path / Multiband
Manufacturer Partner: Epic Unreal Engine
Solution: FusionMAX 4K / 330”UHD Solution

The Creative and Media Arts Building at Georgia State University completed renovations on its new immersive studio, a multi million project that will change the way research is done on campus. A project over 10 years in the making, the facility houses a variety of visual technology from VR, AR, MR to LED. Every detail of this downtown GA facility—from collaborative meeting spaces to labs with open floor plans—is dedicated to encouraging interdisciplinary education and research. The 330” 4K FusionMAX LED video walls is made up of 1.9mm Fusion LED.

Arlo Hotels Embrace Digital Art in Wynwood Art Basel

End user: Art Basel
Market: Real Estate + Digital Signage
Location: Miami, FL
Audio Visual Partner: BlueSquare
Solution: 105” Ultrawide 5K interactive Display

World Wide Technology NYC Innovation Center

End user: World Wide Technology
Market: Corporate + Digital Signage + Real-estate
Location: NY, NY
Audio Visual Partner: Coltrane
Solution: Custom 1.2mm FSN + 1.5mm FLEX LED

RiverSouth Lobby LED Walls

End user: Stream Realtly Partners
Market: Corporate
Location: Austin, TX
AV Partner: Atlas Consulting
Solution: Custom 1.2 Fusion LED Wall

Primeview’s cutting-edge Fusion Series LED displays offer the highest refresh rate technology on the market to provide crisper, clearer and brighter images. The direct-view LED Tile line-up is available from 0.9 to 1.9mm pixel-pitch options with HDR capability. The seamless video walls, now available as 16×9 cabinets, are easy to install, operate and maintain thereby creating high-impact visuals.

Florida Panthers at BBT Arena

End user: Florida Panthers
Market: Large Venue + Sports + Digital Signage
Location: Plantation, FL
Audio Visual Partner: AVI-SPL
Solution: Custom 2.5mm FSN LED Walls

Polycom Executive Briefing Center

End user: Polycom
Market: Enterprise
Location: Austin TX
Audio Visual Partner: Room Ready
Solution: FusionMAX 32:9

Million Dollar Listings Super Agent using 110” Massive Display for Sales Center

Project Name: The Huron Greenpoint
End User: Quadrum Global
Broker: Ryan Serhant, Serhant
Market: Real Estate + Digital Signage
Location: Soho, NYC
Architect: Morris Adam Architechts
AV partner: Evolution Virtual
Solution: 110” LCD Display for Sales Center

Jesse Ball DuPont Center

End user: Jesse Ball Dupont Center
Market: Digital Signage + Government
Location: Jax, FL
Audio Visual Partner: Excite Communications
Solution: FusionMAX 220” LED

Savannah College of Arts Immersive Studios

End user: Savannah College of Arts and Design-SCAD
Market: Corporate + Broadcast + Education
Location: Savannah, GA
Audio Visual Partner: StageFront
Solution: FusionMAX 220” UHD LED

United Nations Grand Assembly Hall

End user: United Nations Grand Assembly Hall
Market: Large Venue + Government + Broadcast
Location: NY, NY
Audio Visual Partner: AVI-SPL
Solution: Custom 1.2mm FSN LED Walls

Commerce Bank East Lobby Art Wall

End user: Commerce Bank
Market: Digital Signage
Location: Clayton, MO
AV Partner: Andrew Southern Consulting
Solution: Custom 2.5 Fusion LED Wall

Primeview’s cutting-edge Fusion Series LED displays offer the highest refresh rate technology on the market to provide crisper, clearer and brighter images. The direct-view LED Tile line-up is available from 0.9 to 1.9mm pixel-pitch options with HDR capability. The seamless video walls, now available as 16×9 cabinets, are easy to install, operate and maintain thereby creating high-impact visuals.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital upgrades seminar room with DVLED Walls

End user: Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Market: Healthcare + Corporate + Digital Signage
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Audio Visual Partner: AVI-SPL
Solution: Dual-screen setup of 110″ FusionMAX PRO All-in-One LED Solutions

“Matach” CET Center for Educational Technology

End user: “Matach” CET Center for Educational Technology
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Market: Corporate
Primeview Solution: PRV1104KLCDR

Varian Medical Systems

Market: Corporate / Enterprise
Location: Palo Alto CA
Integrator: AVI-SPL (formally SKC Communications)
Solution: 220″ 4k Turn-Key Direct View LED Wall Solution using 1.2mm 2-1 miniLED to replace old projector in an existing auditorium (PRVLEDFSNM2204K)

KDVR Unveils New Set for Fox31

End user: KDVR
Market: Broadcast
Location: Denver, CO
Scenic Partner: FX Design
Station Group: Tribune, Nexstar
Solution: Custom Studio LED + LCD solutions

KTBS-2 Undergoes Major Studio Overhaul

Market: Broadcast
Studio: KTBS-TB
Owner: Wray Properties Trust
Location: Shreveport, LA
Studio Affiliate: ABC
Studio Designer: FX Design
Strategic Partner: Vizrt
Solution: Video Wall Arrays of PRV55SNG02UR + PRV654KLED Stand-alone Units

University of Illinois’s $79.2 million Football Center

Market: Education + Arenas Large avenue + Sports
Location: Champaign, Maryland
End User: U of Illinois
AV Design: Henderson Engineering
AV Integrator: CV Lloyd
Solution: Multiple Custom LED Walls from 1.2-2.5mm pixel pitch

Gulf Coast State College

End user: Gulf Coast State College
Market: Education
Location: Panama City, FL
AV Partner: Stage Front
Solution: Dual FusionMAX FHD / 165” and 138” Solution

Gulf Coast State College is an accredited public college, located along Florida’s scenic Emerald Coast in Panama City, Florida. It offers four campuses to serve its students. It is part of the Florida College System, and offers a variety of affordable program options to choose from such as an Associate of Arts degree, Associate of Science degrees, certificates, and bachelor’s degrees. The former Advanced Technology Center was recently renamed the Charles Hilton Center for Advanced Technology and Hospitality Management. For next generation collaboration and presentation, Stage Front deployed a dual set-up of Primeview’s award winning all-in-one LED video wall solution – FusionMAX.

RockRiver Upgraded Boardroom

End user: RockRiver
Market: Corporate
Location: Chicago, IL
AV System Integrator: AVI-SPL
Solution: 2 x 110″ FHD FusionMAX PRO LED Wall Solution

CRA Executive Conference Center Displays

End User: CRA International
Location: Boston, MA
Market: Corporate + Finance
A/V System Integrator: Verrex
Solution: Dual 138″ wall mounted FusionMAX

SAS Lobby Welcome Wall

End user: SAS Software
Market: Corporate
Location: Cary, NC
Audio Visual Partner: AVI-SPL (formally SKC Communications)
Solution: Custom 1.2mm mini Fusion direct-view LED solution

SAS, the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market, provides business analytics, data management and IT management software and services to the financial services, government, retail, energy, life sciences, manufacturing and numerous other industries.

To replacing the aging projection technology deployed in 2012, SKC engaged Primeview to keep this state-of-the-art building fresh.

For phase one, the showcase display was updated by SKC with 1.2mm miniLED solution which serves as the 40 foot long welcome wall which becomes the backdrop of the registration area.

Chevron upgrades former Enron Boardroom with 32:9 LED Video Wall

End user: Chevron
Market: Corporate
Location: Houston, TX
AV System Integrator: MCA
Solution: FusionMAX 32:9 Video Wall of 1.5mm LED (PRVLEDFSN15M32:9PRO)

L3 Town Hall LED Display

End user: L3 Harris
Market: Corporate + Digial Signage
Location: Dallas, TX
AV System Integrator: AVISPL
Solution: 165″ wall mounted FusionMAX

Northwestern University

End user: Northwestern University
Market: Education
Location: Evanston, Illinois
AV Consultant: Henderson Engineers
AV System Integrator: AVI-SPL (formally SKC Communications)
Solution: Primeview 2.5mm Classic LED Tiles (PRVLEDART25) + PRVLEDCONTROL6

Northwestern University, located in Evanston, Illinois are a founding member and the only private university of the Big Ten Conference.

Having several athletes and a large following, the newly minted Walters Athletics Center recently added a central feature. A 3-story-wide 2.5mm Primeview LED Wall was installed PRVLEDART25), creating an exciting attraction and modern environment for athletes, employees, and visitors. The LED Wall was built in configuration with a Primeview LED Control System (PRVLEDCONTROL6).

The content consists of a range of different types of academic presentations.

AV Consultant and MEP Henderson Engineers and System Integrator SKC Communications designed and assisted the installation process, updating both the design and technology to a higher standard.

NEW Kiewit HQ innovation Center

End user: Kiewit Construction
Market: Corporate
Location: Lenexa, KS
Audio Visual Partner: AVI-SPL (formally SKC Communications)
Solution: 220” FusionMAX and multiple 138” FusionMAX Video Wall Systems

Kiewit Corporation engaged SKC Communications at the end of 2018 to assist with the design and build of two buildings they were gutting as well as a new third building being built from the ground up. SKC Communications provided all the AV services of the new building. The building consists of specialty rooms such as Pitch Room, Executive Boardroom, Auditorium, Atrium, and Training Rooms. There are also cookie-cutter integrated conference rooms of multiple sizes (Large, Medium, Small, and Huddle) throughout the buildings. The Auditorium and Atrium each feature a 220” PrimeView LED wall. The Pitch Room and Executive Boardroom each feature a 138” PrimeView LED wall. This design and installation set the tone for Kiewit room standards and functionality requirements across the enterprise.

866 UN Plaza Office Building

End user: The Carlyle Group
Market: Corporate
Location: NY, NY
Audio Visual Partner: Andrew Southern
Solution: Custom 32:9 Aspect Ratio 1.9mm direct-view LED solution

Prominently situated at the epicenter of international commerce, 866 United Nations Plaza offers a unique opportunity for businesses, governments and other organizations to secure a permanent place in one of New York’s most prestigious locations.

866 UNP is a fully re-imagined building, featuring a newly renovated entryway and travertine lobby curated with digital art galleries on a Primeview LED video wall, creating a first impression worthy of international acclaim.

5 Manhattan West – Retail Experience Center

End user: Brookfield Properties
Market: Corporate + Retail + Digital Signage
Location: NY, NY
Audio Visual Partners: Cosentini + AVI-SPL
Architect: David Brody Associates, REX and Adamson Associates Architects
Solution: Custom 0.9mm Fusion miniLED and 1.5mm Fusion LED video walls